Call of the Wild

Session 3 – Leading a People

The party is sent by the Anwarinde Council to set up a base in the forest Avar Este which by the time of their arrival is an untamed wilderness. They have a workforce at their disposal but otherwise they are to lead the efforts there. There are a number of problems they face:
- They need to be able to protect the forest and whatever in it is important in case Duke Seyfar decides to come take over the place.
- Men from Tharcan have taken a sudden interest in the forest and a great force of lumberjacks has begun taking down a great part of the forest.
- Wood elves too have shown renewed interest in the forest which had otherwise been left alone due to rumors of the place. The Anwarinde coalition is not at war with the wood elves; however they do not want to simply yield their space or influence.
The party realizes that all they have heard of Avar Este is not simply rumors (although much of it might be). They see animals appearing and disappearing throughout the forest and seemingly merging with the trees. Erem makes friends with one such creature – a happy fox who could tell them a bit more about the forest although his comprehension of their questions were sometimes limited.
Three camps were set up throughout the forest: Camp Arch, Camp Raid, and Camp Lumber to maintain order and a feeling of the place.
The lumber-site was visited and it was seen how a big chunk had been taken out of the forest already. Some of the trees had shapes caught in them, like animals about to immerge or disappear into the trunks as they were felled. This was only a scouting mission and no contact was made with the lumbers although it was noted that there was a large camp having carpenters working on the wood at the site.
The party had a run-in with the inhabitants of the forest: a group of outlaws called the Ravens. A member of these bandits was linked to a bit of a ruckus at the camp (somebody might have been killed) and caught. An exchange was arranged. A bit of the party went to visit the Raven’s Nest and make a deal, this included medical attention for some of their wounded, free passage through the forest for the newcomers and fair trading of food, metal and various other goods.
Finally some unexpected visitors showed up: a pack of fugitives from Erydon trying to escape the war. They are a sodden bunch desperately looking for a place to feel safe and they were allowed to join the team from the Anwarinde Coalition; some of them are able-bodied men, others are just more mouths to feed, but all of them seem quiet grateful. Wynn discovered that one of the young boys, Jerko, was of demon kin – it led to quite a bit of suspicion but no direct confrontation.



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