Avar Este

Avar Este is a forest realm lying on the border between Furzhan (to the south) and Tharcan (to the north). The forest is huge with an area of about 2000 square kilometers. Aside from hosting trees (mainly deciduous tree although there are regions with conifers) and other plants, there is a small mountain ridge in the north-most region of the forest and a river flows through the middle of it branching out in various places. Due to a large lake at the forest edge the main road through the forest, going from Santir to Ulant is the most direct road from Furzhan to Tharcan and the river was often used to transport goods. The road is overgrown and out of use, though, and merchants take the long road around and no ships sail up the river; there are many rumors as to why this is.
Once there was a woodelf realm within the borders of Avar Este it is long since that disappeared though. People to whom the nature is familiar will be able to will be able to see ruins from the old civilization while outsiders will see nothing but the wilderness. The elves who used to live in Avar Este is now known as the Sunelves in Aureglos situated to the north-east.

There are a few old buildings left by humans in the forest namely the old Inn about the midway point on the road and an old dock where ships would sometimes land on their way through.

Although the forest was thought to be deserted, there is a small people living in it. It is a single town consisting of outlaws (or possibly their offspring depending on how long it has in reality been there). The town is called the Ravens nest and they have long since stopped living from preying on travelers – mainly since there are no travelers in the vicinity anymore. They do keep a sharp eye on what is happening in the woods and they are rarely happy to see strangers.

In the north-eastern part of the forest is being felled by an organized group from Tharcan; they have already made notable inroads into the forest.
It is not required for one to stay in the forest for long to notice that something is different. Nature seems more massive there than in most places. This might solely be because it has been allowed to unfold on its own terms for so long, however there is more to it than that. One might notice animals disappearing, not simply hiding, as they physically merge with the trees and are able to move quickly through the root system of the forest. Many of the animals do not have nests or dens at they normally wood and seem to disappear entirely rather than sleeping. Keeping track of them long enough might also reveal that they seldom eat.

This is the forest the party has been asked to look over on behalf of the Anwarinde Coalition. The place has been neutral ground for quite some time, but many has begun showing interest in it of recent. The coalition already had a small base in the southern region of the forest, later known as Camp Arch and under instructions of the envoys of the council two more camps were established: Camp Raid and Camp Lumber.

Avar Este

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