Anwarinde Coalition

The Coalition was founded many years ago as an alliance between some of the smaller societies in nature during a time where all of these small groups had to stick together against outer enemies. The people of the wild find struggles with each other over territory as they do with the men of the cities over their rights.

It was founded by those who knew that civilization was spreading and if it continued as it had the natural realm would be quenched. Every member of the coalition agree that this cannot be allowed to happen – but many disagree on how that is best assured.
The Coalition is run by the Anwarinde Council seating members of each party in the coalition. This Council is situated in Anwarinde but the coalition has branches around the world.

Every party in the alliance is obligated to supply one council member (although this is seen mores as privilege than an obligation) as well as conscripts to carry out Coalition work which is very varied in nature. Some of the work is actual sabotage missions some of it concerns bringing messages and making political agreements and some of it might be as basic as living on a particular spot of land for a duration of time.

The Coalition also welcomes the freelancer workforces or smaller groups of nature-loving people. These people do not have Council seats but are sometimes required to supply conscripts. They have a single, common representative on the Council.

Anwarinde Coalition

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