Call of the Wild

Session 6 - Of wolf and bear
Through horror to the heart of winter

As the celebration held for the victory of the forces of the forest over the lumberers died down, an eerie feeling settled over Avar Este. Most went to sleep, but Brynjar stayed up, worrying what mischief his brother had gotten himself into.
As the night wore on, he decided he had to go look for Rogarh and brought Ruzgar along; the wind had died completely and yet the rustling of leaves was clearly heard. The animals of the forest suddenly seemed unable to travel through the trees in their usual manner. As Brynjar examined the tree he had trown his sword at earlier that evening, a tree that now seemed to be bleeding from that cut, one unlucky bird flew straight into the tree-trunk. Brynjar put it out of its misery, but Uleriel, the Death of the forest, failed to show to collect its spirit.

Meanwhile Wynn was awakened by a weird chewing sound to find the camp, as well as the forest, totally devoid of life. Even Ruzgar was missing, and she could find no tracks of him or anyone else. Dread rising in her heart, she went further into the forest searching for some kind of explanation, coming across the cadaver of a skinned wolf hanging from a tree-branch. It was Ruzgar! There was no tracks to be found coming to, or leaving, the scene. Trembling with shock and disbelief, she cut him down and weeping hugged the cold dead flesh tight. Until it started to move… The animated corpse wrenched itself from her grasp and started attacking her. Horrified and dead inside, Wynn made no move to defend herself as her wolf-brother sank his teeth deep into her shoulder…

More puzzled than troubled, Brynjar sent Ruzgar back to Wynn and continued through the forest on his own.

Which was lucky, because Ruzgar managed to show up just in time to prevent the corpe-wolf from tearing Wynn’s throat out. Bare able to breath for joy and relief, it took Wynn a moment to realise that Ruzgar was actually in a deadly struggle against the animated corpse, and she joined the fight. After dancing around each other for a while, each of the combatants scoring minor hits the corpse-wolf bolts into the forest, thinking to force the wolfrider to dismount. But never more at home than in the deep forest, Wynn and Ruzgar followed with the ease of a surging wave, catching the corpse-wolf by surprise, charging and taking out its eye along with the tree-root it was hiding beneath. The skinned wolf, now desperate from pain and injury, managed to pin wolf and rider, clawing at them maniacally. Pinned underneath their heavy foe Wynn couldn’t manouver her bastard sword, but Ruzgar freed himself just enough to tear out the throat of their unnatural opponent, which in death became nothing but a mass of blood drenching Ruzgar and Wynn.
Wynn spent a long time just holding the brother she thought she’d lost forever close, before the two of them returned to the camp where people were just waking up, having noticed nothing amiss.

As Wynn and Ruzgar rinsed off the blood in the river, they were joined by Brynjar who could also tell of a strage night as he pulled leaves and wood-splinters from his flesh. Wynn tended to their injuries, and then – suddenly – Rogarh stood in the middle of the camp; similarly looking a bit worse for wear with a bandaged hand and a broken nose, which Brynjar immediately delt with none too gently.
Brynjar and Wynn then briefly relegated the stories of their strange nightly exploits, Wynn speculating hesitantly, that someone might be targeting them with evil magic because of their work in the forest for the Anwarinde Council
Rogarh divulged that he had found out how to travel through the trees, but it was apparently not a completely simple or predictable process.

As the four companions licked their wounds, a call went up from the other end of the camp, and all eyes turned to the skies, where three huge griffins approach. As they neared the camp, a man could be seen riding one of them. Brynjar waved to him enthusiatically.
After landing, he introduced himself as Hrafn. He wore the arm-patch of the Anwarinde Council, and immediately started inquiring about the “odd trees”, about which the party had previously reported. Wynn referred him to Rogarh, who was busy findng his equipment, seeing as things kept getting interesting. The party travelled with Hrafn to the frost-covered tree, which he examined at length. He then tasked the companions with travelling to the far, cold south (at the edge of the world) to investigate the link between Awar Este and that region. The Council suspected, he said, that these trees were somehow linked to the nature spirits. To aid them in their quest, he would have the three griffins carry the party south.

After resting for a couple of days to regain their strength and heal their wounds, Brynjar, Rogarh, Wynn and Ruzgar set out, riding on the backs of majestic griffins to the very edge of the world. The novel sensation of flying was enjoyed by all, although Wynn became more and more guarded as they neared one of the most demon-raided territories. The griffons landed the party right next to a tree exactly like the frost-covered tree in Awar Este. Rogarh familiarized himself with its spirit as Brynjar, Ruzgar and Wynn checked the perimeter. While they didn’t encounter anyone, Wynn did discover a hunting trail belonging to a pack of wolves.

Being in no immediate danger, the small group indulged in playful enjoyment of the deep snow; engaging in a short snow-ball-fight before setting off. The party was lead by a trance-walking Rogarh who tracked the presence of a nature spirit. Before they left the landing site Wynn cast a spell protecting the griffons from the discomforts of the extreme cold.
As the party pushed forward through the snow-covered wastes, Brynjar stayed close to Rogarh, while Ruzgar and Wynn stalked the perimeter. Thus the they were able to warn the others as a group of creatures moved to surround the party. Rogarh pulled himself out of his trance, and they made ready to defend themselves back-to-back should the creatures prove hostile. That question was answered as a hurled javelin graced Brynjar’s arm. Wynn immediately fired an arrow back. Then the wolves, for it was indeed a wolf-pack that had surrounded the companions, charged. Among them were a large warg; the owner of the javelin. The party quickly proved too effective for the wolves to prevail; Rogarh and Wynn dispatched with the regular wolves with ease, while Brynjar effortlessly delt with the warg, giving it one vicious cut before stabbing it straight through the mouth. When Rogarh unleashed his firebreath, the wolves retreated. Couching blood, the warg invited the party to follow the wolves to their camp, before Wynn helped it die. The party then followed the wolf-pack to a small campsite with hide-tents, where they were met by a huge white wolf walking on it’s hindlegs, wearing a belt and carrying a spear. He spoke a simple and broken common and invited the party into the camp.

The white wolf was the pack’s chieftain and he introduced himself as Alpha. He led the companions to his tent where they met the shaman, another tall wolf walking upright. They had a small, weak fire and crude furnishings.
With rising suspiscion Wynn discovered that both wolves were demon-marked, but she decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, since they had shown no signs of agression of trickery.
However: Rogarh and Brynjar were not completely at ease either, having spotted a huge polar bear tethered in the centre of the camp.

Rogarh sensed that the nature spirit was now very close; trapped just underneath the glacier on which the encampment stood, it seemed. After a halting conversation the party and the wolves agreed that they would work together to free the spirit with fire, in exchange for which the wolves would release the captured bear.
Wynn set out on a hunt with the Alpha and some of the regular wolves. She found that it was much easier to communicate with Alpha when she was riding Ruzgar; feeling his movements made it easier for her to read the non-verbal part of the white wolf’s communation. She taught a very curious Alpha about archery and he showed her a few tricks to surviving in the frozen climate of the deep south.

Back at the encampment Rogarh wasted no time in preparing the ritual that would allow him to free the nature spirit by melting the glacier. The wolf-shaman followed his preparations with great interest, so Rogarh went to some lengths to conceal his intensions from the wolf he felt he couldn’t fully trust. Elsewhere in the camp, Brynjar talked with the captured bear, who hinted that his brethren would be attacking the wolf-camp soon to free him, and to capture the territory from the wolves. Apparently both wolves and bears felt compelled to protect the area where the nature-spirit dwelt.

It wasn’t long until the attack began. Rogarh moved away from the camp with the model-glacier he had made, which would enable him to work his magic on the real glacier. The wolf-shaman followed him, as he was now getting suspicious of Rogarh’s intensions.

The Alpha and Wynn were called back from the hunt by a messenger telling of fighting at the camp. While they hurried back, Brynjar worked hard to find a diplomatic solution, trying to get the wolves and the bears to realize that they were in fact working towards the same goal. This was difficult partly because of the fighting going on everywhere, and partly because the wolves and the bears had no common language. Therefore Brynjar had to act as interpreter in the midst of the battle.

At the edge of the encampment, Wynn and Alpha happened upon Rogarh and the wolf-shaman. The shaman had puzzled out the purpose of the model-glacier, and was now determined to stop Rogarh from destroying it, by fire or otherwise, before his pack could get off the ice, to safety. Rogarh didn’t seem overly concerned with the safety of the wolves, even with his own brother in the middle of the chaos of the camp, but he did agree to wait with the ritual until the evacuation could be set in motion.
At this point Brynjar had managed to stop the fighting and with the help of Alpha wolves and bears alike started moving off the glacier. The bears agreed to help the wolves, if Brynjar would see to their captured comrade.

At this point Rogarh deemed the situation safe enough to commence the ritual, a notion the wolf-shaman and the wolf-guards with him didn’t share. Wynn and Ruzgar put themselves between Rogarh and the wolves as Rogarh drew his falcatta, heated in his fiery aura and cleaved the glacier in two!!!
Wynn and Ruzgar were overpowered by several of the wolf-guards while one of them attacked Rogarh. He ignored it, leaving his fire shroud to deal with it quite effectively. After a short time Wynn managed to stretch out and pull the badly burned wolf off Rogarh, giving him space to complete the ritual and melt the glacier, since cleaving it evidently was not enough to free the nature spirit.

Down on the glacier, Brynjar was in a race against time to get the hurt polar bear, whose safety he’d been charged with by its brother, the leader of the polar bears, of the tilting, melting glacier. He pulled out a rope and tied himself to the polar bear, and then dragged it towards the edge up a rising incline. With the slope became to steep for him to scale, he managed to grap hold of the edge. Giving himself over to his barbarian rage, he used his surging strength to swing the polar bear in an arch over the top of the now vertical wall of ice!! His energy spent, it was all he could do then to hold on. But he was still tied to the polar bear by the rope… So when the bear flew far enough to pull the rope taunt, it pulled Brynjar with it – until they landed on safe ground, first the bear – laughing with an deep vibrating noise – and the Brynjar; landing comfortably on top of the varm, grinning bear.

The glacier melted. Underneath was revealed a smooth rock surface with a piedestal in the middle. On this rested a crystal which was, beyond a doubt, the prison of the nature spirit. Scattered in a ring around the piedestal were demons frozen in position. But they to seemed to thaw and renew their advance on the crystal. The party knew at once that they must not be allowed to succeed!

Rogarh, Ruzgar and Wynn charged into the newly created crater. Rogarh headed straight for the crystal to free the nature spirit, while Ruzgar and Wynn ran interference to block the demons attempting to stop him.
Meanwhile Brynjar was figuring out a way to get word to the griffons that the companions were going to need extraction – soon! He lit one of his javelins on fire and hurled it into the air. When it didn’t quite attain the desired altitude, the dire polar bear, leader of the bears, stepped in and threw it high for the griffons to spot. after planting torches in the ground as a signal, Brynjar joined the fight against the demons.

Suddenly the companions understood that it was not the nature spirit that had awakened the minds of the area’s animals – it was the demons! So who would the bears and wolves choose to side with?
The wisest, most articulated of the animals sided with the party against the demons, but the rest squared off against each other; some wanting to help the companions, some wanting to aid the demons.

Battling the demons was gruelling work; Ruzgar and Wynn took several grievous blows, but killed three of the demons in return! Brynjar and the wolf-shaman defended Rogarh with fury and magic, while he struggled to free the spirit from the crystal. He finally managed to glimpse the face of the spirit, all edged in icy blue. Finally he decided to open his own body and mind to the spirit, allowing it to possess him, rather than staying trapped in the crystal. Feeling the cold of winter grib his very soul, Rogarh collapsed.

Then the griffons arrived! One of them grabbed the unconcious Rogarh, who was held aloft by Brynjar, gingerly, while Brynjar grabbed the saddle-straps of another. Wynn took hold of Ruzgar and similarly grabbed onto a down-swooping griffon, but weakened by bloodloss and tired from battle she lost her grip on his blood-sleek fur and dropped him back into the chaos below. Unable to catch him again, she let go herself and joined him. Seeing his comrade fall back into the fight, Brynjar decided to lend a hand. He dropped in after Ruzgar and Wynn, and this time he took Ruzgar in his strong arms and rejoined his griffon, while the Alpha wolf boosts Wynn to mount the last griffon as it flew by. Brynjar almost lost hold of Ruzgar too, but the wolf-shaman’s magic helped the wolf back into his grasp. The griffons then quickly gained altitude and headed back north with their battered passengers.

The four companions used the quiet time of the return flight to finally catch their breaths and heal their wounds, although Rogarh still remained unconcious.

Session 5 - The Sharper Set of Teeth
Cities may strengthen and Kings may send their armies; But Nature is hard prey when cornered.

The party returned to the central camp after the fierce battle with Maralersh, some taking comfort in a short time of peace, while others, such as Wynn gathered the leaders of the camp; It had come to their attention that the woodcutters, with whom a frail agreement of peace had been reached, were being bolstered by their king’s soldiers and had resumed work.

With ever more trees falling by the hour, the party convened at Camp Lumber in order to agree on an approach. Brynjar and Re’nes discussed bitterly whether to approach the situation as diplomats or assassins, with Brynjar advocating a tempered stance while Re’nes wanted to push the offensive at the first possible oppertunity.

Safely at Camp Lumber, Brynjar and Roghar found that one of the few casualties of skirmishes with the woodcutters and their soldiers was of their clan; Their thirst for revenge matched perfectly the stances of both Wynn and Re’nes, and the party agreed that the only answer they could provide to the woodcutters and their king was bloodshed.

Marching with the well-trained skirmishers of Camp Lumber, the party surprised a small group of workers. The first woodcutters to take flight were felled by Re’nes’ arrows in the dark, while Brynjar warned one of the woodcutters’ soldiers of his intent. The survivors were duly scared off towards their main camp and told that anything but immediate withdrawal would be seen as an invitation to battle… The woodcutters’ answer came in the form of a squad of armed and armoured soldiers marching towards the party’s position. The ranking officer of that group made an attempt at reasoning with the party and their fellows, but was slain not halfway through his speech by another of Re’nes’ murderous arrows. The all-out battle between the two forces began thus…

As the armoured soldiers marched upon the tree line, Rogarh, now bearing mighty horns and a heavy mask, flanked the rear columns. With a burst of green hell fire from his mouth, he alone undid almost a third of the until-now dedicated soldiers. The rest fell to volleys of arrows and Brynjar’s blade. Having easily slain the soldiers, the party now marched upon the central camp, which was in a panic. A huge wagon of timber was stopped in its tracks by Wynn, its guards brutally cut down, and the rest of the woodcutters fled for their lives.

The wagon of timber apparently had a secret cargo; A kind of palm tree lay hidden among the ordinary heavy wooden planks. Along with earlier rumours that some parts of the forest was experiencing strange, cold weather, this mystified the party somewhat.

But nothing would prevent the party and their fellows at the main camp from celebrating their victory against the enemies of the proud forest. Beer and wine flowed, and as it did, some members of the party started opening up a bit. This resulted in a contest of throwing knives between Brynjar and Re’nes, which Brynjar won as he tossed his two-handed sword a dozen meters and halfway through the trunk of a tree. Later in the night, Wynn was also surprised as she heard Re’nes merrily tell derogative jokes about elves of all kinds.

Meanwhile Rogarh honed a new-found ability; Using trees as a kind of portals, he eventually, somewhat by accident, found a mystical presence in the forest…

Session 4 – Spirit of the Forest

(Note that there might errors concerning the chronology of session three and four as it is not quite clear to me.)

The work with establishing the bases in Avar Este continued for the party.
A meeting is set up with the lumberjacks; however there seem to be little progress here. The leaders of the work promise to talk to their employers. Not satisfied with this result Martin utilizes his magic abilities to scare the workers trying to end the work peacefully.

There were still unresolved problems with the young Jerko whom Wynn harbored great suspicions toward. Re’nes decided to take a heart-to-heart with him, but as he returned from the forest he could only tell that the boy had been killed not far outside the camp – seemingly mauled by a wolf. Re’nes and Wynn became suspects alike and an investigation had to take place. They managed to find tracks and follow them through the forest to a river where the blood stains are washed away. Further tracking lead them to a clean skeleton of some small animal.

As they get deeper into the forest seeking the cause of all this they start seeing strange creatures. Many of them look a bit like animals, but things are amiss. Some of them lack skin and meat sporting their naked skulls and bone sin regions.
Led by a terrified Caran (possibly lacking the skin of his one paw) Erem witnesses some strange looking creature (later found to be Maralersh) harvest the spirit of one of the animals of the forest. He drags all of its being: fur, flesh and soul from the skeleton and hides it in a bag he carries.
Trying to investigate the methods of teleportation that the animals in the forest apply, Martin kills a squirrel he sees immerging from a tree and attempts to push it back into the tree. A hand stretches forth from the tree to take back the corpse of the rodent and Martin struggles with it until an elven-looking woman appears. She is angry but settles down through a bit of conversation; slightly scared she explains that she has to shield the dead animals from him.

All of the party finally find themselves in the western end of the Avar Este near the big tree, Bruvansa. In this region numerous of the half-skeleton animals and their stranger cousins roam and the trees are strangely shaped – to varying extend resembling tormented humanoids.
Re’nes unleashes the fury of the forest on them by kicking a badger (one side rotten and half the skull exposed) in the face. The elven chick, Uleriel, appears from a tree attacking the party like a wild animal. The battle continues and as the badger dies it is only a matter of time before Maralersh appears to collects its spirit. Yet another ‘copy’ of the elf Uleriel appears and after remaining at the edge of the battle she interferes to help the party.

Rugar engages in a battle with Uleriel in the spirit plane, here he witness the remains of a memory of the forest: An elven man stands tied to the large tree Bruvansa – it’s branches crawling with the small strange creatures, known as Tarkos – Uleriel stands across from him an arrow notched to the string of her bow. They exchange words, but it is impossible to hear them over the sound f chanting, then she lets go of the arrow, but Rugar witness the man reach out and grab part of Uleriels spirit before the arrow pierces him. Thus Uleriel was split in two.
In the large tree Bruvansa the elven man can be seen as a structure in the trunk and the arrow is still jutting out from his chest. As Rugar begins understanding what he sees with a great exertion he manages to collect the two parts of her soul and making her whole once more.
In the physical world a furious battle is taking place. Brynjar manages to kill Maralersh without ever drawing his sword. As everything stills the now complete Uleriel takes the of the mask of Maralersh and places it on the shape of the man on the tree. She then lets lose the unrightfully taken spirits which seek out their places in the forest and gently collects the spirit of Maralersh into the bag he carried before she slings it over her shoulder taking up his role in the forest.
Later on she shares the truth of Avar Este’s fate with Martin.

Session 3 – Leading a People

The party is sent by the Anwarinde Council to set up a base in the forest Avar Este which by the time of their arrival is an untamed wilderness. They have a workforce at their disposal but otherwise they are to lead the efforts there. There are a number of problems they face:
- They need to be able to protect the forest and whatever in it is important in case Duke Seyfar decides to come take over the place.
- Men from Tharcan have taken a sudden interest in the forest and a great force of lumberjacks has begun taking down a great part of the forest.
- Wood elves too have shown renewed interest in the forest which had otherwise been left alone due to rumors of the place. The Anwarinde coalition is not at war with the wood elves; however they do not want to simply yield their space or influence.
The party realizes that all they have heard of Avar Este is not simply rumors (although much of it might be). They see animals appearing and disappearing throughout the forest and seemingly merging with the trees. Erem makes friends with one such creature – a happy fox who could tell them a bit more about the forest although his comprehension of their questions were sometimes limited.
Three camps were set up throughout the forest: Camp Arch, Camp Raid, and Camp Lumber to maintain order and a feeling of the place.
The lumber-site was visited and it was seen how a big chunk had been taken out of the forest already. Some of the trees had shapes caught in them, like animals about to immerge or disappear into the trunks as they were felled. This was only a scouting mission and no contact was made with the lumbers although it was noted that there was a large camp having carpenters working on the wood at the site.
The party had a run-in with the inhabitants of the forest: a group of outlaws called the Ravens. A member of these bandits was linked to a bit of a ruckus at the camp (somebody might have been killed) and caught. An exchange was arranged. A bit of the party went to visit the Raven’s Nest and make a deal, this included medical attention for some of their wounded, free passage through the forest for the newcomers and fair trading of food, metal and various other goods.
Finally some unexpected visitors showed up: a pack of fugitives from Erydon trying to escape the war. They are a sodden bunch desperately looking for a place to feel safe and they were allowed to join the team from the Anwarinde Coalition; some of them are able-bodied men, others are just more mouths to feed, but all of them seem quiet grateful. Wynn discovered that one of the young boys, Jerko, was of demon kin – it led to quite a bit of suspicion but no direct confrontation.

Session 2 - The Will of the Council

This session began where the other left off: in the outer temple while the dust after the battle slowly settled around the party still huffing and dripping blood drawn by the claws of the Nakirs. They try to reach the inner temple on a pedestal-island in a deep lake. As they try to reach the other side they find that the bridge is a living plant unwilling to let them pass and a frantic battle ensues leading to a beating of the party member as well as fried and cooked plant. Finally they find themselves on the other side; on top of the pedestal there is a small house with nothing but four solid walls and the sought crystal on the other side. On the wall facing the stair case there are three square indents over each there is a word in Sylvan, the words are: Betrayal, time and Purpose. A token is placed in each of the indents as keys.
Betrayal – Brynjar hits his brother Rugar and flings in the blood.
Time – .
Purpose – .
As the door opens a pale green light flows out – the light of the magic crystal they seek, but in there behind the crystal stands the largest, darkest and generally most ferocious Nakir they get to meet – their leader Kregreg. They are not intimidated by his presence and he does not attack them for no reason; rather they engage in conversation and Kregreg explains to them how their queen who used to live in the crystal long ago left them and the fact that they are bound to it rather than her – forcing them to be separated from her – is making them weak and driving them crazy. This explains why the others attacked them. They make a deal: the party is allowed to take the crystal with them back to the Council as long as the Nakirs are allowed to follow them unhindered.
Meanwhile Martin and Erem meet Raiz – who has escaped his cage – in the outer temple. They investigate the area reading the stories carved into the walls.
As they are making their way out and bickering with Raiz about who get the crystal Rugar tries his luck with summoning spirits and calls the spirit who used to inhabit the crystal back to it. He found his luck and he found her and imprisoned her in the crystal once more, from there she was unable to communicate with the outside world, but it began pulsing with a warmer light and life could almost be felt by those who touched the crystal. In later experiments Martin would find that it affected natural light allowing plants to grow differently when in the presence of the crystal.

They all left the temple and made their way back toward the Anwarinde Council’s home base. Raiz followed them some of the way and Martin made a deal with him: Raiz would get the writing from the temples that Martin had recovered when they could stand face to face with the only living person who had been present during the original ritual under which the spirits of nature was imprisoned.
The party reaches Anwarinde and are for the first time allowed to meet the actual Council, not just others working for it like themselves, and they are asked to report the events of the trip and especially explain how their guide died. They briefly explain about the crystals and the Legend of Savas’ran. They explain that they seek the crystals now because they have heard that so does Duke Seyfar who intend to abuse the power of the spirits of nature or maybe even destroy them. But there are several problems: the council does not know where to find all of the spirits and there is the forest, Avar Este which they know will play an important role but not how. The small party are sent to ensure that Anwarinde has a place in the forest when the time comes and protect it from the outside world which seems to have taken a sudden interest in it.

Session 1 - Welcome to the Jungle

The session began in medias res the party was deeply engaged in a battle with the hitherto unknown creatures the Nakirs. Both sides have taken damage and the battle is tough but the heroes prevail and the last of the shadowy creatures fall.

Each of the members of the party was chosen and sent by their respective homes or volunteered to serve in the Anwarinde Coalition as a form of national service. None of them had served long but together they were sent on a mission led by a man of the Council: Garbrahn. They had gone to the jungle-swamp of Ezrekon. Garbrahn had not shared much information on their mission and soon he no longer had the option, as they were making their way through the jungle he suddenly fell dead, surveying him closer revealed that he had been shot by a small poisonous arrow and a letter diclosing a bit more on the nature of their mission. The killers were nowhere to be seen but between them the rest of the party managed to track them down.
The party found a small city flourishing around an old temple in which they were to find a magical crystal. The city was inhabited by the Yaikas and their guards – who commented that they had seen humans in the region not too long ago – took them to see their leader Mirari. She had some similarities to the Yaikas, bu on closer inspection she turned out to be of demon kin – much to Wynn’s dismay. She, too, was interested in the crystal in the temple as she needed it to confirm her newly acquired leadership of the Yaikas. However she had no real desire to rave the dangers of the temple and thus she sought to make a deal with the arrived party, as an insurance they are given a powerful magic sword of hers (studying it they find that it is imbued with dark magic) – she cannot betray them for if she would claim they had gone there against her will they would be the lawful rulers of Ezrekon. She was not the only one willing to strike a bargain with the party the shaman Regorta wanted the newly arrived people to recover the crystal as well; however he wanted it to disappear and Mirari to be the scapegoat as he had no trust in her ability to lead Ezrekon.

With both of the leading personalities of Ezrekon believing that the party was doing their dirty work they could make their way into the temple unhindered; they did go late at night though to not upset the inhabitants of the city to whom the place is sacred. The temple is doubtlessly old and coming apart but the way the jungle is intruding on it seems only natural. Making their way in our heroes outsmarts a number of old traps an meet a man who was not able to do so: Raiz Khayrat. He is a librarian from Aun Cheruk and the party decides to leave him behind in his cage as he let them know that he intend to claim the crystal for himself.
As they venture forth the heroes find themselves in a large hall and as they near the inner temple in the middle the Nakirs swoop down on them leading to the battle with which the session began.


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