Wynn Tianqi

As one of the fierce wolfriders she is sheldom seen without her wolf-brother by her side. Together the tall, lean tribal elf and the huge grey-white wolf make for an impressive sight.


Wynn looks small only in comparison to the beast at her side. She has a fierce and forbidding look garbed in hide armour and with a long elegant sword strapped across her back within easy reach. The blood of a warrior flows through her.

Her way of life is etched on every feature from the playful and dangerous fire in her eyes to the dirt on her skin and the clean sharp edges of her blades.
Though she often favours the sword, Wynn is a capable archer as well.

Ruzgar is a young, strong male wolf. He has a grey-white coat, yellow eyes and a suspicious nature.


Wynn grew up with the Tianqi clan of tribal elves on the cold, wild forests of Giatra. After bonding with the wolf-pup Ruzgar she joined the tribe’s pack of wolfriders; elite hunters and scouts. She rode with them for decades before striking out on her own to work for the Anwarinde Council.

In the course of her travels she met Martin Møllersøn and they became fast friends. Side by side the impeccably neat and well-dressed human and the wild, wolf-riding elf seem to clash, but their talents compliment each other.

Like the rest of her clan Wynn hates the tainted demon-spawn who plague her native land at the edge of the world. She has a keen eye to spot them and a knack for finding their weaknesses in battle.

Wynn Tianqi

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