Call of the Wild

Session 5 - The Sharper Set of Teeth

Cities may strengthen and Kings may send their armies; But Nature is hard prey when cornered.

The party returned to the central camp after the fierce battle with Maralersh, some taking comfort in a short time of peace, while others, such as Wynn gathered the leaders of the camp; It had come to their attention that the woodcutters, with whom a frail agreement of peace had been reached, were being bolstered by their king’s soldiers and had resumed work.

With ever more trees falling by the hour, the party convened at Camp Lumber in order to agree on an approach. Brynjar and Re’nes discussed bitterly whether to approach the situation as diplomats or assassins, with Brynjar advocating a tempered stance while Re’nes wanted to push the offensive at the first possible oppertunity.

Safely at Camp Lumber, Brynjar and Roghar found that one of the few casualties of skirmishes with the woodcutters and their soldiers was of their clan; Their thirst for revenge matched perfectly the stances of both Wynn and Re’nes, and the party agreed that the only answer they could provide to the woodcutters and their king was bloodshed.

Marching with the well-trained skirmishers of Camp Lumber, the party surprised a small group of workers. The first woodcutters to take flight were felled by Re’nes’ arrows in the dark, while Brynjar warned one of the woodcutters’ soldiers of his intent. The survivors were duly scared off towards their main camp and told that anything but immediate withdrawal would be seen as an invitation to battle… The woodcutters’ answer came in the form of a squad of armed and armoured soldiers marching towards the party’s position. The ranking officer of that group made an attempt at reasoning with the party and their fellows, but was slain not halfway through his speech by another of Re’nes’ murderous arrows. The all-out battle between the two forces began thus…

As the armoured soldiers marched upon the tree line, Rogarh, now bearing mighty horns and a heavy mask, flanked the rear columns. With a burst of green hell fire from his mouth, he alone undid almost a third of the until-now dedicated soldiers. The rest fell to volleys of arrows and Brynjar’s blade. Having easily slain the soldiers, the party now marched upon the central camp, which was in a panic. A huge wagon of timber was stopped in its tracks by Wynn, its guards brutally cut down, and the rest of the woodcutters fled for their lives.

The wagon of timber apparently had a secret cargo; A kind of palm tree lay hidden among the ordinary heavy wooden planks. Along with earlier rumours that some parts of the forest was experiencing strange, cold weather, this mystified the party somewhat.

But nothing would prevent the party and their fellows at the main camp from celebrating their victory against the enemies of the proud forest. Beer and wine flowed, and as it did, some members of the party started opening up a bit. This resulted in a contest of throwing knives between Brynjar and Re’nes, which Brynjar won as he tossed his two-handed sword a dozen meters and halfway through the trunk of a tree. Later in the night, Wynn was also surprised as she heard Re’nes merrily tell derogative jokes about elves of all kinds.

Meanwhile Rogarh honed a new-found ability; Using trees as a kind of portals, he eventually, somewhat by accident, found a mystical presence in the forest…



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