Call of the Wild

Session 4 – Spirit of the Forest

(Note that there might errors concerning the chronology of session three and four as it is not quite clear to me.)

The work with establishing the bases in Avar Este continued for the party.
A meeting is set up with the lumberjacks; however there seem to be little progress here. The leaders of the work promise to talk to their employers. Not satisfied with this result Martin utilizes his magic abilities to scare the workers trying to end the work peacefully.

There were still unresolved problems with the young Jerko whom Wynn harbored great suspicions toward. Re’nes decided to take a heart-to-heart with him, but as he returned from the forest he could only tell that the boy had been killed not far outside the camp – seemingly mauled by a wolf. Re’nes and Wynn became suspects alike and an investigation had to take place. They managed to find tracks and follow them through the forest to a river where the blood stains are washed away. Further tracking lead them to a clean skeleton of some small animal.

As they get deeper into the forest seeking the cause of all this they start seeing strange creatures. Many of them look a bit like animals, but things are amiss. Some of them lack skin and meat sporting their naked skulls and bone sin regions.
Led by a terrified Caran (possibly lacking the skin of his one paw) Erem witnesses some strange looking creature (later found to be Maralersh) harvest the spirit of one of the animals of the forest. He drags all of its being: fur, flesh and soul from the skeleton and hides it in a bag he carries.
Trying to investigate the methods of teleportation that the animals in the forest apply, Martin kills a squirrel he sees immerging from a tree and attempts to push it back into the tree. A hand stretches forth from the tree to take back the corpse of the rodent and Martin struggles with it until an elven-looking woman appears. She is angry but settles down through a bit of conversation; slightly scared she explains that she has to shield the dead animals from him.

All of the party finally find themselves in the western end of the Avar Este near the big tree, Bruvansa. In this region numerous of the half-skeleton animals and their stranger cousins roam and the trees are strangely shaped – to varying extend resembling tormented humanoids.
Re’nes unleashes the fury of the forest on them by kicking a badger (one side rotten and half the skull exposed) in the face. The elven chick, Uleriel, appears from a tree attacking the party like a wild animal. The battle continues and as the badger dies it is only a matter of time before Maralersh appears to collects its spirit. Yet another ‘copy’ of the elf Uleriel appears and after remaining at the edge of the battle she interferes to help the party.

Rugar engages in a battle with Uleriel in the spirit plane, here he witness the remains of a memory of the forest: An elven man stands tied to the large tree Bruvansa – it’s branches crawling with the small strange creatures, known as Tarkos – Uleriel stands across from him an arrow notched to the string of her bow. They exchange words, but it is impossible to hear them over the sound f chanting, then she lets go of the arrow, but Rugar witness the man reach out and grab part of Uleriels spirit before the arrow pierces him. Thus Uleriel was split in two.
In the large tree Bruvansa the elven man can be seen as a structure in the trunk and the arrow is still jutting out from his chest. As Rugar begins understanding what he sees with a great exertion he manages to collect the two parts of her soul and making her whole once more.
In the physical world a furious battle is taking place. Brynjar manages to kill Maralersh without ever drawing his sword. As everything stills the now complete Uleriel takes the of the mask of Maralersh and places it on the shape of the man on the tree. She then lets lose the unrightfully taken spirits which seek out their places in the forest and gently collects the spirit of Maralersh into the bag he carried before she slings it over her shoulder taking up his role in the forest.
Later on she shares the truth of Avar Este’s fate with Martin.



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