Call of the Wild

Session 2 - The Will of the Council

This session began where the other left off: in the outer temple while the dust after the battle slowly settled around the party still huffing and dripping blood drawn by the claws of the Nakirs. They try to reach the inner temple on a pedestal-island in a deep lake. As they try to reach the other side they find that the bridge is a living plant unwilling to let them pass and a frantic battle ensues leading to a beating of the party member as well as fried and cooked plant. Finally they find themselves on the other side; on top of the pedestal there is a small house with nothing but four solid walls and the sought crystal on the other side. On the wall facing the stair case there are three square indents over each there is a word in Sylvan, the words are: Betrayal, time and Purpose. A token is placed in each of the indents as keys.
Betrayal – Brynjar hits his brother Rugar and flings in the blood.
Time – .
Purpose – .
As the door opens a pale green light flows out – the light of the magic crystal they seek, but in there behind the crystal stands the largest, darkest and generally most ferocious Nakir they get to meet – their leader Kregreg. They are not intimidated by his presence and he does not attack them for no reason; rather they engage in conversation and Kregreg explains to them how their queen who used to live in the crystal long ago left them and the fact that they are bound to it rather than her – forcing them to be separated from her – is making them weak and driving them crazy. This explains why the others attacked them. They make a deal: the party is allowed to take the crystal with them back to the Council as long as the Nakirs are allowed to follow them unhindered.
Meanwhile Martin and Erem meet Raiz – who has escaped his cage – in the outer temple. They investigate the area reading the stories carved into the walls.
As they are making their way out and bickering with Raiz about who get the crystal Rugar tries his luck with summoning spirits and calls the spirit who used to inhabit the crystal back to it. He found his luck and he found her and imprisoned her in the crystal once more, from there she was unable to communicate with the outside world, but it began pulsing with a warmer light and life could almost be felt by those who touched the crystal. In later experiments Martin would find that it affected natural light allowing plants to grow differently when in the presence of the crystal.

They all left the temple and made their way back toward the Anwarinde Council’s home base. Raiz followed them some of the way and Martin made a deal with him: Raiz would get the writing from the temples that Martin had recovered when they could stand face to face with the only living person who had been present during the original ritual under which the spirits of nature was imprisoned.
The party reaches Anwarinde and are for the first time allowed to meet the actual Council, not just others working for it like themselves, and they are asked to report the events of the trip and especially explain how their guide died. They briefly explain about the crystals and the Legend of Savas’ran. They explain that they seek the crystals now because they have heard that so does Duke Seyfar who intend to abuse the power of the spirits of nature or maybe even destroy them. But there are several problems: the council does not know where to find all of the spirits and there is the forest, Avar Este which they know will play an important role but not how. The small party are sent to ensure that Anwarinde has a place in the forest when the time comes and protect it from the outside world which seems to have taken a sudden interest in it.



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