Call of the Wild

Session 1 - Welcome to the Jungle

The session began in medias res the party was deeply engaged in a battle with the hitherto unknown creatures the Nakirs. Both sides have taken damage and the battle is tough but the heroes prevail and the last of the shadowy creatures fall.

Each of the members of the party was chosen and sent by their respective homes or volunteered to serve in the Anwarinde Coalition as a form of national service. None of them had served long but together they were sent on a mission led by a man of the Council: Garbrahn. They had gone to the jungle-swamp of Ezrekon. Garbrahn had not shared much information on their mission and soon he no longer had the option, as they were making their way through the jungle he suddenly fell dead, surveying him closer revealed that he had been shot by a small poisonous arrow and a letter diclosing a bit more on the nature of their mission. The killers were nowhere to be seen but between them the rest of the party managed to track them down.
The party found a small city flourishing around an old temple in which they were to find a magical crystal. The city was inhabited by the Yaikas and their guards – who commented that they had seen humans in the region not too long ago – took them to see their leader Mirari. She had some similarities to the Yaikas, bu on closer inspection she turned out to be of demon kin – much to Wynn’s dismay. She, too, was interested in the crystal in the temple as she needed it to confirm her newly acquired leadership of the Yaikas. However she had no real desire to rave the dangers of the temple and thus she sought to make a deal with the arrived party, as an insurance they are given a powerful magic sword of hers (studying it they find that it is imbued with dark magic) – she cannot betray them for if she would claim they had gone there against her will they would be the lawful rulers of Ezrekon. She was not the only one willing to strike a bargain with the party the shaman Regorta wanted the newly arrived people to recover the crystal as well; however he wanted it to disappear and Mirari to be the scapegoat as he had no trust in her ability to lead Ezrekon.

With both of the leading personalities of Ezrekon believing that the party was doing their dirty work they could make their way into the temple unhindered; they did go late at night though to not upset the inhabitants of the city to whom the place is sacred. The temple is doubtlessly old and coming apart but the way the jungle is intruding on it seems only natural. Making their way in our heroes outsmarts a number of old traps an meet a man who was not able to do so: Raiz Khayrat. He is a librarian from Aun Cheruk and the party decides to leave him behind in his cage as he let them know that he intend to claim the crystal for himself.
As they venture forth the heroes find themselves in a large hall and as they near the inner temple in the middle the Nakirs swoop down on them leading to the battle with which the session began.



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